ALEX LOUEY: Give it a go and think big

Client, Alex Louey from Appscore on being real about failure and ‘giving it a go’

alex louey

While Alex Louey, co-founder and managing director of Appscore, went through all the regular educational channels, he tells me he was never a model student. In fact, he found his business degree sometimes stifling and longed for real world experience. I originally wanted to work with Alex because I admired his entrepreneurial attitude. He has a unique way of thinking and operating, not to mention an irreverent sense of humour, and this has served to position him as a thought leader in his industry.

Alex is highly knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to mobile app development and driving brand success through technology. I liked the way Alex worked from the get go and wanted to help him share his story and achievements with Appscore and beyond.

I speak to Alex as a part of my Know Your Client series to discuss the mind behind this growing, global tech business which is on track for annual turnover to double in the next 18 months.

Just start, no excuses

Appscore is Alex’s first business. With a career as a project manager working for some large corporates, both nationally and internationally, he started thinking “what’s next” which then led to a series of ‘chats’ with friend and fellow entrepreneur, Nick Bell

Alex with partner Nick Bell

Alex with business partner, Nick Bell

“I was doing very well as a contractor – much better than I thought I would – but I got over it. It was different jobs and companies, but my skills were transferable so it was the same thing over and over again. I sat down with Nick and decided we wanted to start something that would embrace technology and really change the way people do business and engage their audience. We threw around plenty of ideas to begin with. Uber for dry cleaning, digital advertising, then we thought – apps are hot and they fit our criteria, let’s do something with this.”

Sometimes you have to give to receive

“Appscore is a very competitive business in a very competitive industry. Up until about two years ago it was pretty tough for me. I didn’t take a salary for two years, I made sure the company was the priority not myself, so I was essentially living off nothing for three years.”

“Having your own business is significantly more stressful than working for somebody else and  it’s taught me a lot. I was a project manager before starting my own company but when Appscore began I became a project manager, a sales person, I took care of admin, hiring and business development. Nothing gets you through like the will to survive.”

Strengths: Give it a go, allow for mistakes and encourage collaboration

“I think one of my strong points is resilience. I’ll give anything a go. What often stops a lot of people is a fear of failure and the last five years I’ve had to deal with a lot of things not going right. But I’ve realised along the way that as long as I learn from it and am not too hard on myself – nothing’s ever as bad as you first think it is.

“I enjoy meeting new people and cultivating those relationships into something meaningful and longer term. It takes time but it’s worth it both for the personal connection and the great ideas which can be brought to life.”

I feel most achieved

“Probably right now. Business wise we are starting to see the rewards of five years of hard work. Sometimes you don’t realise what you’ve actually done because you’re constantly in the mix of things, but when you step back for a second and take it all in, it’s really satisfying to feel proud of what you achieved.”

Advice for the millennial generation

“Just go for it. Failure’s not as bad as what you think it is. If you’re not good at something, don’t spend too much time on it. Stay away from unnecessary small talk and buzz words. Be real with people and they’ll be real with you.”

If you’d like to learn more about Alex or Appscore you can do so here. Or find out more about some of our other inspirational clients via our Know Your Client series.

By Samantha Dybac, Founder, Sammway.

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