TAMARA MEYER: Never listen to naysayers

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Honest, bubbly and downright funny, Tamara Meyer is one of those people that is just infectious to be around. However, looking at her you wouldn’t know she’s been through quite the journey she has. As a personal trainer and life coach, her resilience and ability to mentally connect with clients is what sets her apart in such a saturated industry.

Born in Germany, Tamara came to Australia when she was just 4, but it wasn’t all smooth travelling. Due to her father’s work, her family moved several times and she attended six different schools across her entire learning. As someone that has struggled against assimilation, depression and eating disorders, Tamara has come out the other side as a shining star, wanting to help guide others back to finding their ‘happiest’ selves. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but as she would tell you herself, she’s a fighter, and nothing would stop her from beating all odds.

Her entire life, Tamara has been drawn to the extraordinary, never happy to settle with ‘average’ or ‘mediocre’.

Born a fighter

Tamara’s mum recounts to her that when she was born she nearly died. The doctor at the time advised that growing up she would always have problems with her kidneys. Physical activity was suggested as the best prevention to kidney issues, and here a love for exerting herself physically and mentally was born, from Ballet to acting to fitness. And as Tamara continued to encounter problems across her life, finding strength in her weaknesses was her secret weapon.

“During school my teachers would tell my parents I really needed to work on my English because I wasn’t from Australia. There was a drama school I used to go to after school, which really helped my reading, writing and my confidence as well. It also brought out my passion for acting. I loved memorising poems and being on stage. So that passion led to me wanting to be an actor, which is why I pursued it during high school and then went on to study at a performing arts school. It wasn’t at all easy, but I got there in the end because it was something I enjoyed.”

Relentless pursuit for excellence

Tamara is someone that has always been both resilient and determined. She has never been without goals, and there is always something to work towards. All stages of her life have been about achieving.

“In my teens I decided I wanted to be an actor and performer, but there were people close to me that didn’t believe in me and told me the same. When I was 15 years old I went to Austria, where my dad is from, to visit my grandmother for the first time. For whatever reason she didn’t like me much and went out of her way to put me down and express her disdain for my love of acting. From there was born an innate desire to prove her and anyone else wrong.”

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While Tamara loved everything about performing, fitness was something that shifted a positive note inside her.

“When I was doing full time dance, it was always about being a skinny dancer which led to bad eating habits, taking fat reduction medication and bad thoughts. I was big on partying for a while too. I was doing all the wrong things. Anxiety attacks soon followed. I couldn’t shake it off, which basically led to a breakdown.”

“It was only when I decided that I wanted more out of life and started to clean myself up that I fell in love with the gym and training and treating my body right. I’d never felt so good. The switch just made sense to me. It led to a better path for me and I recognised that. Since then I have wanted other people to have that same sense of self revelation, so training and life coaching seemed a natural progression”.

Motivating means connecting and being real

Tamara admits that she was never someone that had the perfect life, she was never the best at everything, but always worked hard to get where she is now. Having gone through some depression and rebellious times in her life, she knows that when you look at someone who seems like they have it all, there’s often more to it than what you see in front of you.

“When you build rapport with clients and find out what they’re lacking in (It’s mostly self confidence and how they feel about themselves). It’s usually when they don’t love themselves and it goes deeper than that, like them being lonely, not having a partner or good relationships, etc. I always try and set goals for them and then I look at their values and get them to write them down as well.

“I give my clients an insight into me and I don’t pretend to be all together. I’m still not perfect, there’s still areas in my life I want to work on and when they see that it makes everything seem a lot more achievable and real to them.”

Advice for millennials

“When I was younger, I used to care too much about what people thought. It was always about trying to fit in and make people happy, I was too focused on how other people perceived me. It was only in my 20’s that I realised when I was more myself, I was happier and so too were the people around me. My advice for millennials is to not worry about if you’re different or creative or if you’ve got a big dream that others don’t understand, stick to who you are. And also don’t listen to the naysayers, if you have a dream and you believe in it enough, it will happen.”

Tamara is the owner of TM Fitness and participated in our ‘4 weeks to PR ready’ program. She is now in competition mode, preparing to compete in October this year at the WBFF on the Gold Coast, Australia. Her partner Brett Bennett is coaching her throughout her prep. (@bennettf1t)

If you want to learn more about how we can help you get your brand PR ready, send me an email sjdybac@sammway.com.au

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